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Welcome to Fort Lonesome Farm.

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 Closed To The Public,

Members and Farm Supporters Only.

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Open Only Sundays,

10Am to 5Pm.

Citrus is Picking Now!

Mulberries Coming Up Soon.

15433 South County Road 39, Lithia Florida 33547

We need your Support,

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. Having Old Fashioned Fun, the Old Fashioned Way!

Fort Lonesome Farm...

The "Family Farm" thats built for YOU.


When you visit, we all winsmileyThanks for picking us again.

Healthy food with lots of fun, Things to share with your son.

You can pack a lunch or pick it here, Spread a blanket and smell the air.

Get out and visit, leave the grind, We are open, Rain or Shine.

Walk the grounds when its sunny, bring your wife, she's your honey,

In the Country, it gets Lonely, Maybe cause were Members Only.

Have some fun with your kids, just like you and your parents did.

Family,,,Spend some time together, without the cell phones, video games or the internet.

Sounds boring, try it, just once, you'll be back.






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The 8 foot Wind Chime is Finally Completed .

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